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100 % Satisfaction Guarantee

It is common that when a customer is told that something is guaranteed, he will feel safe. However, guarantees are not easy to make because they carry immense responsibility. Cusco Expeditions guarantee. We guarantee that our price of each tour, either from popular tours or customized tours, has no hidden charge. We guarantee that all the itinerary descriptions are reliable and they are what customers will get in the tour packages they choose. We also guarantee that all the transportation are comfortable and convenient and will not cause any trouble. 

Information Guarantees

Clear Price List
We understand that all customers want to have a clear idea of what they are paying for. The price we charge is always reasonable but we are always happy to let our customers know every single item they are paying for; therefore, Yes!ChinaTour will provide each customer a price list, on which, you will see clearly which item costs how much money. If you still have questions about the list,please contact us

No False Advertisement
False advertisements are what customers hate and fear. We guarantee that the description of each tour package, each scenic site and each cultural introduction is telling the truth. There is no need to worry if you will really see what you have read, because we promise that you will. 

Service Guarantees

Pick up 
We guarantee that no matter where you are, in an airport, train station, on a pier or in a hotel, we will pick you up. You will never have to worry about looking for your guide because our guide will find you. 

Tour Guide

We guarantee that our tour guide will give you a wonderful and detailed introduction of each site you visit, speaking your language fluently; also, our guide will provide you with considerate service to make your trip in Peru as smooth as possible. If you are not satisfied with your guide, tell us, we will talk to the guide or change another one for you, to make sure you will fully enjoy the profound culture and interesting legend about Peru. 


We guarantee that all the hotels meet the standard that we have mentioned on our website. If you are not satisfied with the hotels we will change another one for you, until you are happy with it.

We understand that travelers will miss their home food when they travel around, especially abroad. All the hotels we offer provide both Peruvian and western food. So dont worry, we will take care of your stomach. 

Comfortable Transportations

Transportation is an important part of a tour, so we don't want it to cause any trouble. We guarantee that all the coaches, vehicles, tour buses and vans will be very comfortable and you will have a good time even before you reach to a scenic spot.

Customers' joy is what we are concerned about. We truly hope that accompanied by Cusco Expeditions, all our customers will have a wonderful vacation in Peru.