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NEWS CUSCO Cusco Puno Admin 03 oct, 2015

Sacred Valley: Inside of maras & moray tour, it is found a new crypt and wall painting

The discovery of the crypt and the mural was made during the restoration work of the Templo Mayor Francis of Assisi, which is located in the district of Maras, province of Urubamba in Sacred Valley Of Cusco.

The crypt was able to locate thanks to the research work done in the chapel of the Virgen de las Nieves, part of the religious complex containing scattered human skeletons on the outside will be able to find a total of 32 skeletons, which belong to Christian burials and they would be in a very serious condition.

Similarly, the discovery of the mural was achieved in the process of dismantling of paintings, which belong to the painter Antonio Sinchi Roka, the painting would have traces of invocation to the Virgin Mary.